Advantrade Limited

An agriculture investment company

Active in the trading, production and processing of Agricultural Commodities

Advantrade Limited

Is focused on viable and scalable opportunities in the Nigerian agricultural business space as:

What We Offer

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We aim to invest in large scale commercial farmland across Nigeria based on our understanding of the huge untapped potential of large scale farming in several parts of the country. We will utilise modern and mechanised farming and farm management approaches to make them efficient and profitable. By utilising modern farming techniques, our produce will be globally competitive in terms of price and quality. Advantrade will also create out grower schemes working with smallholder farmers within the communities of its anchor farms to increase our overall acreage and create positive social and community impact.

Our processing business line is focused on basic processing activities to improve postharvest quality of our key commodities before delivery to our buyers. This would involve utilising tools such as thresher, destoner, cleaning machine (with or without colour sorter), or specialised equipment such as cassava processing machine, mills etc.

We purchase commodities at harvest in the various production clusters, aggregating in storage for basic cleaning and bagging, and onward delivery to our buyers. Our traded commodities include sorghum, millet, cowpea (beans), soybeans, maize and other grains and pulses. We can also aggregate export commodities particularly sesame seeds, cashew nuts, hibiscus flowers for supply against a confirmed order or local supply to reputable exporters.